Fashion Without The Fit Is Like Cake Without The Icing

“Fashion Without The Fit Is Like Cake Without The Icing.”


Elizabeth, a Contemporary Modiste, is a rarity in the fashion world. Not only is she a superlative designer, she is also an expert seamstress. Trained in famed Porto Portugal before importing her European inspired design philosophy of “custom clothing” to Toronto in 2002 with the Labl Studio. A decade later, the Studio remains a leading source for custom tailored clothing for an international discerning clientele..


The success of Labl services is a result of the simple fact that industry standard sizes just don’t fit people. Clothing is cut for an imagined “average” or “ideal” client and often constructed without a nuanced understanding of the way in which it will be worn. Rarely will a customer be able to buy an off-the-rack item without needing adjustments made for their unique shape. So, whether a clothing item is custom made or amended from your existing wardrobe, Labl is here to make your beloved items more beloved because they look good on you.


Labl Studio continues to provide “by-appointment only” specialized clothing services for the individual client: custom design and tailoring for women and men (seasonal, leisure, business, bridal, costume, closet consultation, wardrobe restoration & redesign, and professional event styling.


Welcome to your perfect fit.