Bespoke Bridal

“Bring us your story and Labl will transform it into reality”

You choose how to tell your bridal story. Whether “dream book”, a few collected pictures, or a dreamy description, Elizabeth will engage you with a one-one, private consultation, to create your “perfect gown” for this, your most special day.

Each gown requires its own specific evolution based on your unique personal desiderata as a bride. Complexity of the design, your silhouette, preferences and, project timeline are fused in a creative collaboration throughout the special relationship between you, the bride, and your designer.

With the design chosen, all the necessary measurements taken, your personalized couture pattern is used to produce a cotton sample gown to be fitted by the bride. The moulage stage encompasses the initial steps required to confirm the design and fit of the gown. Some projects require a second sample gown to be created.

Once all corrections are made and you have confirmed your satisfaction with all the elements of the sample gown, the “actual gown” is prepared. Your gown will involve step by step finishing incorporating couture hand sewing, precise fitting and design execution, calling for 4-6 fittings to ensure the highest standards of “haute couture”.

We suggest a bride starts her custom bridal story at least 4-6 months before the wedding date.

Unique Design

It is your day. Make it your dress. You know yourself best. Elizabeth will listen and guide you to realizing your dream wedding dress.

Personal Luxury

– Made in Canada
– Handcrafted old world techniques and couture methods
– One-on-one private appointments
– The best fabrics

Unparalleled Experience

Let us provide you with an experience, where the stresses of finding, shopping and altering the dress are taken away. Look to the Labl experience to have the perfect dress for your figure, your style and your personality professionally and lovingly crafted just for you.

There is nothing more exciting than watching the manner in which a wedding dress transforms a woman…
Elizabeth Labl

Your wedding is the perfect culmination of the love you’ve found. While happenstance may play a large role in falling in love, do you want to risk leaving the most important dress you will ever wear to chance?