These little adjustments to your dress in; the shortening of a hem, the refitting of a bodice, the change of a strap or zipper can make often make all the difference. Through the course of your private consultation and fittings with Elizabeth, perfecting the fit and the look of your dress will happen in front of your eyes…so that the eyes of your guests on your wedding day will only be on you!


Sometimes a dress needs more than a small adjustment. Proportion is vital to the look of a brides silhouette. Whether your dress needs to be re-sized or the complexities of its structure call for it to be deconstructed; Labl Bridal is your trusted professional with the most delicate of designs.



Change the silhouette, add sleeves, rework the lace, change the hem line, reset the waist, re-proportion the bodice or waist to the silhouette; the sky is really the limit in redesigning a your treasured piece. The decades of experience, dedication to perfection, love of a challenge and the commitment to excellence required to make your dreams a reality are the foundation of Labl Bridal’s services.



There is a certain magic in the emotions tied to a vintage or inherited wedding gown. Whether it is to repair or revitalize all manner of damaged dress, Labl Bridal specializes in breathing new life into your special dress.`