sound ring 001Custom can be such a daunting idea. So for as much as Labl caters to its custom clients, there are times we become the client ourselves.  One such experience was in getting wedding rings made.  After much thoguht, some disappointment and a lot of big airy ideas, we found a jewelry designer Danielle Crampsie of Made You Look Jewellery:what a fabulous experience.  Danielle was not typical, she offered a twist in her design that we loved.  The process took time and forethought and allowed us to personalize our rings in a manner that went beyond the aesthetic.

We have each other’s voice patterns in the design of our rings.  To think of making your wedding ring while recording your voice.  Or as my husband wanted; my laugh! I can still recall the two of us at the Made You Look studio. My husband making me laugh take after take until the sound waves were detailed enough to get a suitable print.

The experience was fabulous and it did not end with the rings.  Danielle has been great at helping perfect the fit of my husband’s ring long after we bought them. The whole process, as much as the finished product, has been memorable. It has also helped us keep touch with how to support our clientele.  It great to step into your client’s shoes every once in a while.  It was sheer bonus that it was wonderfully memorable too.