The bride came in for a hem, but when she tried it on the list of requirements grew: the folds had to be redone, the folds had to be fluffed, loose threads were identified and repaired and then it happened: the zipper got stuck!

Can you imagine this happening on your Wedding Day?”

As my stunned bride stared at me in shock, I explained that of all the places for the zipper to break, it best be at the Labl Studio.
Before & After -  Giving Vera Wang a Zip

Before         &           After

There is no way to fix a zipper. If a zipper sticks or skips a little, it is toast, gone, kaput! It must be replaced. The zipper may have been kinked, or damaged beforehand. To ensure the long life of your healthy zipper, always zip up in one action, never halfway. One fell swoop will keep the zipper healthy and happy for a very long time.

Another fabulous Vera Wang