The lovely and talented Freida Pinto in a outfit altered by Elizabeth - Labl StudioI first met Frieda Pinto on a Friday, two days before her big event at TIFF, representing L’Oréal. She has been one of their style icons for some time now.

I was shown many outfits and was asked to pick those that would best exemplify Freida’s beauty and would appear brilliantly on camera. Our fitting session went well beyond the planned two hours, but in the end we chose some spectacular pieces. Now the I was asked to make them fit perfectly in less than 36 hours.

My experience with Freida was very successful. After another fitting, another hug and a few laughs, the pieces were dropped off to her hotel before midnight, just hours before her appearance. Such is the nature of the biz.

Freida Pinto first appeared to many of us in the Oscar winning Slum Dog Millionaire in 2008, followed by Immortals in 2011, amongst many others. Freida continues to work in Hollywood and Bollywood while also having recently added  film production to her already impressive career. One particular project is a film she will be producing, which for Freida is a manner of addressing a critical social issue plaguing many women in Asia today.

Frieda is a professional actor and producer. She has razzle dazzled us on the screen, but what is she really like? She has a smile that embraces you at first sight. She is gentle and kind. I will always remember this lovely young woman with great fondness.