tips-online-shoppingWe all know people who rave about their amazing buys, and others who claim it is a path for failure. I have recently worked with clients that have come to me embarrassed to have shopped by “impulse”, and stated that if I could not alter their piece, they would finally trash it.
My first reaction is one of positivity. I always notice a garment that visually is stunning, so impulsive, I think not. These clients are hopeful and possibly a little mistaken by sizing charts they find on Internet shopping sites. I am happy to say, that I have always altered a garment to the clients surprise and these garments went into a very workable wardrobe.
My tips for Internet shopping, firstly, have a budget, or these “deals” will be overbearing and break you financially. Next “know thy self” and your measurements; a size 10 means one thing to one company and something else to another, so always go to a sizing chart and have your measurements close by to double check, or contact the company directly. If you are not sure of the right size and know a professional to alter it, get a size bigger, but never a size smaller.
Finally, if you are buying a few things, take a moment to look at the return policy. When the items arrive, look at the time line for a return or exchange and make sure to try it on before this time, thereby giving you a moment to revisit the purchase, but providing you a chance to return it, if it does to meet your expectations.

A happy purchase is a wearable purchase.