Well, my trip was amazing.
Three days into my shopping trip in Paris, the weather warmed up to a tropical paradise. I finally was able to wear my summer dresses and off I went looking for inspiration. I admire the French woman in their dress up casual look. Simple silhouettes, lux fabrics, great fit. I love this ease of dress and so, I spent every day walking around this beautiful city  looking for the best it had to offer. I brought back wonderful examples of Parisian bliss: jersey knits, silk cottons, silk linens, brushed chiffons, wool and cashmere, and a few surprises.
Wave of Fabrics 002 600x300As always, my visits to the fabric stores are an opportunity to see old faces and continue past conversations. Just as in Toronto, the vendors of such beauty are like old friends and there is always news to share. This year, I introduced my Tristan: my son, world traveller extraordinaire, who wears a great smile and has an even better disposition.
It is my joy to constantly bring my passions together and so this is just the beginning. I am currently working on a collection of spring light jackets that would entice the smartest of French beauties.
I look forward to growing my shopping list for my clients.Please contact the studio
for a consultation to shop for beautiful fabrics and styles in house.

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