La Tour Eiffel

There is something about Paris.  It is a brand for all things; chic, romantic, beautiful, mysterious, luxurious (and of course indulgent).  Two years ago, I was introduced to some of this wonderful city’s secrets.  Though my love of art and architecture would possibly have lead me to some secret gallery, garden or museum; this I found a treasure trove of fabrics, the likes of which I have never found in New York, Montreal or Toronto.

Some of my most successful pieces have stemmed from these discoveries.  So each year I return to carress, collect and carry home a selection of these wonderful silks, synthetics, wools and more.  This year is no different.  The first week of June will have the Studio closed for my annual pilgrammage to the City of Lights.  Where in addition to purchasing new fabics for the Fall season I will be; studying tennis fashion at Roland Garros (be sure to catch my blog from the clay courts of the French Open), looking for some further inspiration in the Left Bank’s best vintage stores, and catching the overall vide of what remains one of the best dressed cities in the world.