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Working with Lindsay was such a pleasure.  It is always so wonderful to see a bride in her dress on her special day.  Here is some of what Lindsay has to share about her Labl experience.

What fears or concerns did you have at the beginning of your meeting at Labl?
I had purchased an off-the-rack cocktail dress that I wanted to alter into my wedding dress. I was concerned that I would not be able to explain what I wanted to Elizabeth & my idea would get lost in translation. I was also not 100% sure that the dress would work & was worried to spend too much on a lost cause.

What did Elizabeth do to reassure and calm your concerns?
She had ideas off the bat and assured me that the lace that I like so much on the dress would easily incorporate into a new design. She also focused on how to make the dress flattering which was something I was worried about.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at Labl?
Coming to her beautiful studio and having a private conversation about my dress. Seeing the dress come together & having an outside point of view to keep me from going crazy!

What did you learn about yourself through this experience?
I was really worried about making everyone happy and took to heart all the opinions from my family and friends. In the end, I have my own style and had to trust my instincts. It was hard for me to narrow down the design and let go of all the possibilities.

What advice would you offer future brides/clients? Would you promote Labl’s “Bridal Survival Consultation”, where a bride can book a private session with Elizabeth to discuss all their questions and get the information they require to make informed and positive decisions?
Yes, absolutely. Especially if you are not the typical body shape and have a tough time at the bridal salons finding a good fit. Thinking outside the box can be hard and Elizabeth brings experience and lots of ideas I would have never thought of.

What does your Labl say?

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