Charlotte & Andrew 2014

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What fears or concerns did you have at the beginning of your meeting at Labl?
I was worried about the general outcome of the dress and how it would look. I’ve never had anything altered other than a few bridesmaids dresses before, and being that this was my wedding dress I wanted it to be seamless and perfect. I was also worried about being pushed to do things to the dress or alterations that I didn’t want to do, or not having things done that I wanted done.
What did Elizabeth do to reassure and calm your concerns?
Elizabeth explained everything in detail prior to doing any of it, and also gave options. It was suggestions by a professional that really left the decision to me. I felt like I was in control and could lean on Elizabeth for advice and expertise. She made me feel as though we can do anything, but had ideas specific to the material and style that she felt would be best, but ultimately it was my decision and she would work within those boundaries that I laid out.
What did you enjoy most about your experience at Labl?
I enjoyed how personal it was. It was never rushed, and it was always so friendly and calming. Elizabeth was patient and held the same demeanour at all times. My appointment was mine, and she wasn’t going to let me leave without everything being discussed and a plan in place for the next visit.
What did you learn about yourself through this experience?
I learned that you don’t just need to rely on your seamstress for their sole opinion. It was nice to be included in what she though should be done and the decision making process. I’ve been to bridesmaids fittings at the big box dress stores and they felt so rushed and forced and as though my opinion didn’t matter. This really showed me how important it is to have someone who is paying attention to just you and your dress and is working with you, not for the store.
What advice would you offer future brides/clients? Would you promote Labl’s “Bridal Survival Consultation”, where a bride can book a private session with Elizabeth to discuss all their questions and get the information they require to make informed and positive decisions about their bridal gown investment ?
I would suggest they find a seamstress who a) has as much experience as Elizabeth does, and b) someone who will pay attention to them. Even if it means you feel you are paying more money it’s so worth it. I found Elizabeth online and loved the different services she provides and her background. From an initial consultation of the dress, to following up throughout the process, and all the way to the end of taking care of arranging dry cleaning for me on top of the cleaning care she put in I was blown away. I sent one my of bridesmaids to her for a last minute major alteration and it was so flawless and on time. I would recommend Elizabeth for a survival consultation to any new bride, but would also recommend her for non-bridal services as well. It was a pleasure working with Elizabeth and I look forward to having more of her magic worked on my clothing!

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